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There are so many papers on this site! How do I find one on my topic?
There are two primary methods available for searching BestPapers.Com.
The most common way to find a research paper on your topic is to enter a few keywords into the "search" box above and then hit the "enter" key on your computer's keyboard. Seconds later, a list of available papers will appear....sorted in order of relevance to your topic. The second way to find help at BestPapers.Com is to return to the home page and select a subject category from our index. Doing so will produce a random list of available papers in that particular field. We recommend using this second option only if you have a very broad subject area...and are not yet sure precisely what topic you'll be doing your own paper on...

Can I preview a paper before I buy it?
Of course! Just email us the advertised file name of the paper(s) that interest(s) you and we'll send you a FREE 1 page excerpt within just a few hours! Even if you have a general question about a paper (i.e., its bibliography,  topical focus, thesis, etc;)-- don't hesitate to ask it! We encourage all students to be "smart shoppers" and to learn all about any paper(s) listed on our site BEFORE making a purchase!

What if I can't find a paper on my topic?
BestPapers.Com can STILL help you! Just choose the custom papers button from the top or bottom of any screen and fill out our fast, easy order form to have us create a NEW research paper...from scratch...on ANY topic YOU specify! Our service boasts YEARS of experience offering personal assistance to students with unique term paper dilemmas, individuals suffering from severe writer's block, and academics seeking hard-to-find research materials to complete their reports. Whether you select any of our 100,000+ existing research paper examples...or opt to have us create a new one on any topic YOU specify, BestPapers.Com will help you get closer to completing your own paper...TODAY!!!

If I order a paper today, when will I receive it?
You'll receive it today as well! BestPapers.Com offers delivery 24 hours a day....around-the-clock!!! Even if its the middle of the night...on a holiday weekend... when most other businesses are closed... BestPapers.Com has trained, talented professionals working hard to fill every order in a timely fashion. All research papers are generally sent within 6-8 hours and a 3-5 hour rush delivery service is also made available to you on-screen once your order has been processed!

What methods of delivery are available?
BestPapers.Com offers delivery of our research papers via every common media imaginable! Papers can be emailed as ordinary text and as file attachments! Papers can also be sent via fax to your home, office, neighborhood store, or any other location you specify! Papers can even be shipped out via Federal Express...from our offices... right to your front door! Our order form lets you specify any method you prefer! Getting help with your paper has never been easier!

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